Travel to any destination with Royal Charter

Royal Charter meets its customers’ needs with highest quality services and highest standard features. With a modern and diverse automobile supply, our company offers cars, minibuses and buses for rent. We also offer transfer services, from the airport to other means of transportations and to other destinations in the region of Moldova.

We know your expectations from a trip are quite simple and justified, and comfort, relaxation or safety are the premises of a good trip, no matter if we go alone, with our family, friends or colleagues. Henceforth, we have always sought to offer our customers the best transport conditions and services that would meet their expectations as closely as possible.

If you are still in doubt, here are the benefits of renting a car or bus for your trips:

  1. Renting a bus or minibus is the ideal solution for groups of tourist, be them average in size or large. Our fleet of minibuses and busses allows travel for groups of more than 50 people in the best conditions.
  2. Comfort, the main benefit of travelling with Royal Charter

Any trip becomes an unforgettable experience thanks to our bus and minibus line, conceived to touch a high standard of efficiency, flexibility and safety. All our buses and minibuses have luxury features, from leather and velvet coated seats to individual coffee trays and audio-video systems.

  1. A versatile line of transportation

Royal Charter offers you a diverse line of means of transportation, no matter your conditions. Visit our webpage and discover a wide gamut of cars for renting and click here to see our VIP Class, Economic and Business minibuses.

Travel with us and spend dream vacations! Bon voyage!