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Minibus rentals

The visit of a delegation is great reason to show your guests the lovely area in which your city is placed. Offer them high class travel conditions, with modern luxury minibuses.

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Bus rentals

For those long trips and for extended groups of guests, Royal Charter offers 49 seat buses with luxury features: from power sockets and USB ports to LCD screens and free Wi-Fi.

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For the moments when one transport leaves shortly after another one arrives and the distance between them are long, put your confidence in Royal Charter and you will never miss a train or an airplane ever again.

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Royal Charter offers companies the chance to transport their employees from home to work and back. They will therefore not be late any longer and they will stop uselessly spending money for public transport.

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We were born in 1994, out of a simple, but grandiose idea: to give conventional transportation an alternative for those who actually want to travel under conditions compatible to their rank. Dozens of important delegations have visited the city, leaving it with a bitter impression, because of the conditions under which they had to travel through it or around it. We took the decision to offer hosts of such delegations the opportunity to impress.

We chose to buy minibuses and modernize them according to the highest standards, to offer both confort and top features, so that your guests would enjoy the best that can be offered in terms of transportation.

Seeing that our business is flourishing, we decided a good idea would be to expand. Transportation became a more and more stringent need for people, so we took the opportunity to widen our services. The next step was the „rent-a-gar” segment of the market. It became more and more popular, as more and more people started to afford to travel, willing to visit more than just the city in which they stayed. The need to rent a car always at their disposal was, thus, natural.

Now, we have many happy customers, among which we mention Tarom, Delphi, Total Gaz, Antibiotice, National Paints or the Romanian Postal Services. They were all very happy to have been given the opportunity to give their important guests comfort to the smalest details and we are happy to have been able to help them be better hosts. And the story goes on.

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